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Stop Struggling with Plastic Packaging

What is Slitit?

Slitit is the perfect tool for safe, fast and easy opening of blister packs, clamshell packages and sealed plastic packaging. If you've ever attempted to open one – you know the struggle. Ordinary tools just don't work well. Every year, thousands of injuries are sustained while trying to open these types of packages.

Its unique ergonomic handle protects you from the hazardous sharp edges of sliced packaging – while providing you a balanced cutting action that opens packaging swiftly and smoothly. And depending on your preference, can be used in push or pull motion – and either left or right-handed.

Slitit's precision ground stainless steel glides easily through the toughest plastic. And with a solid one-piece design, there are no moving parts to fail – providing you maximum durability and reliability.

See What People Are Saying:

I have spent much of my adult life buying similar products and was always disappointed. This works perfectly. I used it today for the first time on an unusually shaped package, expecting to be disappointed yet again. Not so! I works so well, I am thinking about buying another.

T. Jacobs

You already know about that nasty clam shell packaging all the stores are using these days. This tool slices through the edges like a knife through butter and splits them open like a clam, literally. No worry about slicing your hand and/or fingers on that razor sharp packaging ever again!! Highly recommended.

R. Craft

This little gadget really works! Clam shell packages are getting harder and harder to open (very frustrating and dangerous ). This tool takes all the frustration and danger out of opening tough packages.

M. Gray